The National Repository is a nationwide distributed electronic database in which academic texts are accumulated, stored and systemized.

The main purpose of the National Repository is to promote the development of educational, scientific, scientific and technical, innovative activities by improving access to academic texts and promoting academic integrity.

The National Repository consists of a central repository maintained by the National Repository Manager, and local repositories maintained by institutional participants.

The National Repository Manager is a legal entity that directly ensures the functioning of the National Repository in accordance with Proclamation and Regulation.

Institutional participants are legal entities, in particular, higher education institutions, scientific institutions, scientific publishers, organizations, libraries that submit academic texts to the National Repository.

The National Repository includes all academic texts, regardless of the date of their creation and promulgation in accordance with the established procedure in Regulation.

Academic text is author’s work of scientific, scientific and technical, educational character in the form of a dissertation, qualification final work, scientific publication, scientific article, report in the field of scientific, scientific and technical activity, deposited scientific work, textbook, tutorial, other scientific and educational and methodical works.

The National Repository Manager establishes a register of academic texts that is open and contains bibliographic information about academic texts included in central and local repositories, as well as published electronically or in paper form.

The bibliographic information and descriptions that is provided by legislation are used for systematizing the academic texts of the National Repository.

Academic texts stored in the National Repository are copyright objects and protected by legislation.

The resources of the National Repository are ancillary means of examination of academic texts on plagiarism.

Users get free access to the information of the National Repository via the official National Repository web portal.

In accordance with the legislation the National Repository may carry out information integration with other databases, in particular, open data resources of Ukraine and other countries; bases of central executive bodies.

The National Repository Manager ensures the use of the information of the repository, provides users the access to information, prepares directories, registers, analytical materials, other information and reference resources, carries out systematization and other analytical work in accordance with this Proclamation, Regulation in accordance with the legislation.

Updated: 2024-03-25