The National Repository is a nationwide distributed electronic database in which academic texts are accumulated, stored and systemized.

The main purpose of the National Repository is to promote the development of educational, scientific, scientific and technical, innovative activities by improving access to academic texts and promoting academic integrity.

Academic text is a work of a scientific, scientific and technical, and educational nature.

The following types of academic texts in electronic form should be included in the NRAT:

  • dissertations for the scientific degrees and abstracts of dissertations;
  • qualification graduation work of higher education applicants;
  • articles in scientific publications, including all articles (set of articles) on the basis of protection of which the degree has been awarded;
  • monographs, including those for which a scientific degree has been awarded;
  • scientific publications;
  • reports on scientific, scientific and technical activities;
  • deposited scientific works;
  • textbooks, tutorials and other scientific, scientific and teaching materials;
  • publications published by authors on online platforms for the exchange of scientific publications.

Regulatory documents determine that different categories of stakeholders may work with the National Repository, in particular, “visitors” and “users”.

Visitors are individuals who, through the National Repository official web portal, have open access to the register of academic texts and the possibility of using information without undergoing the registration (authorization) procedure.

Users are legal entities and individuals who have undergone the registration (authorization) procedure. They have the opportunity to not only read the register of academic texts, but also read its full texts or save on electronic media.

The first stage of the NRAT was put into operation on December 27, 2019. 

Now the Repository contains reports in the field of scientific, scientific and technical activity (R&D reports – intermediate and final), dissertations and abstracts of dissertations. 

The research and development database, available for review since April 2021, includes 160.3 thousand R&D reports (including 105.5 thousand full texts) and 156.1 thousand dissertations and abstracts (including 101.6 thousand full texts). The NRAT content is regularly updated with the help of archival materials available at the SSO “UkrISTEI”.

For the academic texts searching that are presented in the NRAT, it must be selected the academic portal “The Academic Texts Searching” or “The Advanced Academic Texts Searching” on the homepage of the NRAT.

The search language is Ukrainian. Now the search interface is also implemented in Ukrainian. 

The opportunity to choose the language – Ukrainian or English – will be given in the future.


FIELD “The Academic Text Type”: 

“Everything” – results on the all available academic texts (research, dissertations, abstracts) will be presented;

“Reports in the field of scientific, scientific and technical activities” – intermediate and final R&D reports will be presented;

“Dissertations for the scientific degrees and abstracts of dissertations” – protected dissertations for the degree of doctor and candidate of sciences (PhD), abstracts of protected dissertations will be presented.


FIELD “The Author”: 

Surname and name of the academic text author or surname, the middle name and the last name of the academic text author must be entered. 


FIELD “The Scientific Specialty”:

It is used to search for dissertations and abstracts of dissertations. Choosing from the following list is suggested. The selection of the positions through all changes that have occurred in the rubric of specialties (codes and names) during the system finalizing will be possible.


FIELD “Subject/title Of the Academic Text”:

It is used to write the exact title of the academic text or part of it.


FIELD “The Academic Text Content”:

It is used to search the full text. The results from most valid to descending are sorted.


FIELD “The Registration Date”:

It is used to search with the help of the known R&D registration date or the dissertation defense date.


FIELD “The State Registration Number”: 

It is used to search with the help of the known state registration number of the R&D (No. the State Registration according to the Registration card/Operating card) or the dissertation registration (according to the Dissertation Accounting Card).


FIELD “The Full Text Available”: 

It allows distinguishing only those information which is presented in the NRAT and accompanied by accessible full texts of R&D, theses and abstracts from another information.

An option to sort the results by descending or ascending for one of the following choices is also available: “by date”, “by last name” or “by state registration number”.


The tags used:

Gray “eye” – full text is not yet available;


Now the NRAT Manager is working on digitizing and replenishing the Repository with archival materials of the Research and Development Fund;

Dark color “eye” – full text is available for users to read;


“Newsletter” – it is an information that is available for viewing with a brief of the academic text description;


permanent Internet link (URL) to the text in the National Repository.


Updated 2020-04-03

Updated: 2023-05-24